Client Survey 2022

About the Survey

At CatholicCare Tasmania, the Australian Government funds many of the services our organisation offers. They have asked us to survey our clients about the service you received while you were participating in the Family and Relationship Counselling program.

The purpose of this survey is to collect client feedback about the service you have received, including changes in your circumstances or outcomes as a result of this service and how satisfied you are with the service. This information will assist our funders in determining if we have met our targets and support future decision-making and service delivery.

Australian Survey Research, a highly respected research company, is running the survey. They will keep your answers confidential. The government will not know who has answered and will not see any client names, email addresses or dates of birth. No information will be sent outside Australia.

The voluntary survey will take about 5 minutes to answer. At the end of the survey, you can enter a draw to win a $50 grocery voucher. 100 people who complete the survey will have the chance to win a voucher.

Client Survey 2022

The survey will close on 30 June 2022. Please complete the survey before this date, if you choose to take the survey.

Completing the survey will not make any difference to your benefits or service from us in any way.

The survey can be answered in English, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish, Dari or Punjabi. You can answer using a mobile phone, laptop, tablet or PC.

Click the button below to complete the survey:

Other Information

You are able to withdraw your consent to take part in this survey at any time, even after you have finished the survey. If you withdraw consent, your personal information and responses will be deleted and not included as part of this survey.

Click here to see Australian Survey Research's privacy policy.

If you have any questions about the survey or would like to withdraw your consent after you have completed the survey, please call 18 0086 1854.

Thank you for taking the time to answer this survey.